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Yash Prasad Sonkar-7247700591

Convener, Ignited Minds Club & Research and Publication Cell

(Associate Editor, Udgam Vigyati)

I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciate the Management of Indore Institute of Law, the advisory board, the peer review team and people who have made their valuable contribution for this venture. "Udgam Vigyati," published by the Indore Institute of Law, stands as a beacon of scholarly discourse within the legal community. Its commitment to fostering rigorous academic inquiry and advancing legal scholarship is evident in each issue. The journal's editorial board comprises esteemed scholars and practitioners who bring a wealth of expertise to the publication. One of the standout features of "Udgam Vigyati" is its dedication to promoting diverse perspectives and cutting-edge research across various branches of law. From constitutional law to emerging areas like technology law, each issue presents a rich tapestry of insights that reflect the dynamism of the legal landscape.
I Yash Prasad Sonkar (Associate Editor) of Udgam Vigyati which I think is a promising online journal offering a platform for scholars and researchers to publish research papers and case comments. Its commitment to fostering intellectual discourse and advancing knowledge across various fields is commendable. The journal's strengths include its diverse content, rigorous peer-review process, and accessibility to a global audience. While it demonstrates responsiveness to emerging trends and issues, there is room for improvement in providing clearer author guidelines, enhancing promotional efforts, and encouraging submissions from practitioners. Overall, Udgam Vigyati has the potential to become a reputable platform for scholarly exchange and knowledge dissemination, provided it continues to uphold editorial excellence and foster community engagement.
Moreover, the journal maintains a stringent peer-review process, ensuring that only articles of the highest quality and scholarly merit grace its pages. This commitment to academic excellence has earned "Udgam Vigyati" a well-deserved reputation for integrity and credibility within the legal community. Its contributions to legal scholarship are invaluable, and its impact reverberates far beyond the confines of academia.


Rakhi Kushwaha-9302627778

Co-convener, Ignited Minds Club

Legal research is essential because it enables students to stay updated with legal developments, navigate legal databases, and critically analyse legal issues. Research skills are a foundation for effective legal practice and enable students to provide accurate advice and make sound legal arguments. Online legal databases often have more comprehensive coverage than physical libraries, as they can aggregate legal materials from multiple jurisdictions and sources. This allows researchers to access a broader range of legal resources more easily.
“Udgam vigyati” is our new online journal which is one of the best platform for students to showcase their research skills and knowledge. There students are allowed to publish their research paper as well as their articles. Legal research enables lawyers, judges, and legal scholars to locate and analyse relevant statutes, case laws, regulations, and other legal authorities that are applicable to a particular legal issue or dispute. This helps them understand the current state of the law and how it has been interpreted and applied in similar cases.
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