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Vision, mission and goals – The three pillars for an institute to create a new era of learning and wisdom. With a persistent attitude many milestones can be achieved. New cornerstones can be turned with a proper vision and direction. We, the Managing Editors of “Udgam Vigyati” – The Origin of Knowledge, extend our heartfelt gratitude to the management for giving us the opportunity to work for the journal. Indore Institute of Law is the sculptor of determination and self – confidence who incessantly chisels only the excellence of individuals in our students. In order to get ready to march to the beat of the business world, the institute is proud to introduce Law and Management research ignition together as “Udgam Vigyati”. We heartily welcome all suggestions and compliments for the journal. Looking forward for extended cooperation as well as support from the entire fraternity of Law and Management.

Ms. Rashmi Shukla
Asst. Professor
Indore Institute of Law